Q. What contents are available on Shortz?
A. On Shortz, you can find the best comedies as well as individual comedians, latest updates on sports, cooking recipes and even fashion tips.
Q. What is a Shortz channel? is it like a TV channel?
A. No, Shortz channels are not like TV channels, it is a platform that has a selection of videos on the same topic: comedy, cinema, football, cooking recipes, women tips (beauty, hair, fashion…) and more.
Q. How to subscribe to a channel?
A. From the menu, go to All channels, then select a channel and click on the “subscribe” button.
Q. How many videos are there in a channel?
A. It varies through each channel, you can find a minimum of 20 videos in each channel.
Q. How often are new videos added?
A. New videos are added weekly.
Q. How much is a subscription to a channel?
A. Subscriptions cost 0.5 SDG for the day, 3 SDG for the week, 10 SDG for the month.
Q. How much is a video?
A. There's no fee to watch one video, if you pay for the channel subscription, it's for all videos in that channel.
Q. Can I watch a video without subscribing?
A. No, you need first to subscribe to the channel this video belongs to, then you can watch that video and all other videos in that channel.
Q. How many videos can I watch in a channel after a subscription?
A. After subscribing to a channel, you can watch all videos in that channel.
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